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After 15 years of selling products online, and over $120 Million in revenue – It’s about time I taught you how to become a Copywriting Jedi!

Let’s be honest:

Copywriting is a boring topic.

It’s not a shiny business model or a swanky software; it’s just copy.

But you know what? Copy is everywhere.

That Facebook Ad you clicked a little while ago? – Copy.
That product you bought from Amazon; The description that persuaded you to buy? Copy.
The webinars you watch and buy from? Copy.
The emails you get from me every day? – Copy.
Those long-form sales letters? Video sales letters? Product reviews, digital publishing, advertising – all COPY.

Why Words Are The Foundation
Of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Just think about this… Even Robert Kiyosaki says: “The #1 skill an entrepreneur must have is the ability to SELL.”

I get it. Selling is uncomfortable.

20 years ago, you had no choice. You had to go face-to-face or on the phone. TODAY, we are fortunate enough that we can have words represent us. But think back in time:

Every business must have a product.

And the product must be SOLD in order for there to be any sales. So all revenue… ALL INCOME that is generated is a result of a sale.

That means, an entrepreneur must be able to sell.

But listen… no one says you’ve got to stand in front of people to sell.

You can now use a simple formula of written words and you can easily hide behind the computer (if you want to) while your words represent you and do all the selling.

“But I’m Not A Writer And I HATE Writing”

Guess who else was not a writer?…


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