Course Name: Danavir Sarria – Emails That Convert + Sales Letter Blueprint
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# Course 1: Danavir Sarria – Emails That Convert ($199)
If you want the power to make more sales almost every time you send an email to your list, then this is the system for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:
Module #1:
– Why “selling the click” is a myth and what you really need to do if you want to make sales with email
– The #1 way to differentiate your emails from your competition (Best of all, no matter how hard your competitors try, they’ll never be able to copy you)
– How to build your brand for FREE (It uses the same principles big companies like Toyota use to build trust, but without needing the multi-million dollar marketing budget they have)
– The best way to write emails your list will want to open, click, and buy from almost every single day
– And more!
Module #2:
– The EXACT email copywriting template I developed after writing over 1,000 emails in the most competitive markets in the world
– Discover how to write unique email subject lines that stand out like a sore thumb in even the most crowded of inboxes using the “Tabloid Method”
– How to use the “reverse cliffhanger” principle to practically guarantee your entire email gets read
– How to write stories that your list will love to read while selling them at the same exact time
– And more!
Module #3:
– The exact 7-step thought process I use to write every single email (Doing it this way helps me writing emails easier, faster, and more effective than ever)
– How to make ANY email topic work by doing this one thing (It’s step #2 and it’s the secret to the Email That Converts system)
– The “Flow to pivot” sequence that makes every email you seem more valuable without having to teach anything new
– The first thing I actually write to practically guarantee my email comes out right the first time I write it
– And more!
Module #4:
– The 4 qualities of a killer email topic that will sell your products like hotcakes
– Exactly how to “filter” your ideas on the spot so you 100% confident about every email you write
– The original idea generation method I use to come up with killer email ideas for years!
– The “look around” method to coming up with email ideas when you can’t think of anything to write about to save your life!
– And more!
Module #5:
– The 14 email copywriting templates I used the most in my 7 years as a “hired gun” for 6 & 7 figure business owners
– Discover the exact email template that practically comes with thousands of “done-for-you” stories you can use in your emails whenever you want
– Discover the email template that allows you to hard-sell your prospects without feeling like a hard-sell at all (Hint: It’s about the tease!)
– The ONLY 100% education based email template I use (It’s so good, I use it for almost every launch)
– And more!
P.S. This course is for business owners and freelance copywriters who are sending emails to an email list they own. This is NOT for cold emails.
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# Course 2: Danavir Sarria – Sales Letter Blueprint ($199)
Inside, you’ll discover:
– Exactly how to use the same persuasion technique infomercial products use to generate millions in revenue…even in some of the most competitive markets in the world!
– How to write a lead that will keep your best customers glued to your sales letter!
– The 3-step persuasion framework that will make writing your sales letter and profiting from it ridiculously simple!
– How to apply this 2,300 year old persuasion technique that will “de-skeptify” your ads so even the most skeptical of skeptics will think twice before trying to leave your sales letter!
– The EXACT bullet point templates I use to write bullets that will drive your customer up the wall out of curiosity until they buy!
– The 3 types of CTA’s you need on EVERY sales letter you write (If you’re using only 1 of the 3 like most people, you’re losing out on 66% of your sales letter’s “closing” power!)
– And way, way more!


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