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Very recently, a fundamental shift in this popular marketing channel occurred … creating virtually unlimited demand for even “untested” freelance writers.
In this special Writing Opportunity Alert, you’ll discover a fast-paced, lucrative writing specialty where …
Marketers across every niche and industry are in a frenzy to find writers who can help them …

Clients are desperate to hand this project off ASAP to a professionally-trained expert, so they can finally start raking in hotter leads and more sales …
There’s so much demand, you can launch your entire career off this one service … and stay busy for weeks at a time with more projects than you can handle …
And even beginning copywriters can START at $300 … per hour!
Dear Writer,

This is a HUGE writing opportunity, even if you’re a brand-new copywriter.

And it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

See, a foundational shift in a major marketing channel recently occurred … making it more powerful than ever before.

The few who have recognized it are scrambling to take advantage of it.

Those who haven’t recognized it are losing cash hand over fist … and they don’t even know it.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about it right away.

In fact, this opportunity is so time sensitive, I strongly suggest you read this page all the way through, right now.

Even though this “channel” has been around since 2003, even the most seasoned marketing directors — your current and future clients — STILL don’t understand how to harness its enormous breadth and depth to bring in new customers and make more sales.

I’m talking millions and, in some cases, billions of potential customers.

You can bet it’s keeping the marketers in your niche up at night.

And the fact that they still don’t get it means there’s a HUGE opening for you to explain it to them … or even better, do it for them and take it off their plate completely …

And watch their bottom line (and yours) significantly increase as a result.

This Internet platform started out as a frivolous time-waster … but it’s significantly evolved since then.

Recently, the thinking of the people who use it has dramatically shifted … from passive “viewing” to active use.

From “just chatting” … to doing.

And that shift has transformed this platform into a place to get things done.

Whether it’s sharing a recently purchased item …

Competing with friends in fitness competitions …

Renting vacation homes from real estate owners around the world (in lieu of staying at a hotel) …

Reviewing a fantastic new restaurant …

Donating to charity …

Or even sharing the trick to making your favorite cup of coffee …

People are connecting while doing things that are important to them.

And as a copywriter, you know that anytime you can get a passive viewer to “lean forward” and become a passionate doer, they’re far more likely to take action.

Have you guessed what this platform is?

You got it!

It’s social media.

The thousands of sites and apps that make up “social media” aren’t just about “being” social anymore. It’s about doing social.

And thanks in huge part to the rise of our “social devices,” aka smartphones, doing social has become so seamlessly integrated into our lives that companies KNOW they are losing money not capturing the attention of a passionate, ready-to-take-action audience.

And that is FANTASTIC news for you as a freelance writer.

See …

This shift — and the millions of potential dollars out there — has made social media a top priority for marketers everywhere.

In fact, the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Expert Michael Stelzner revealed 91% of marketers don’t know which tactics are the most effective!

But you can bet they DO know every minute they spend without an effective, targeted social media strategy is money lost.

Right now, most of them are just randomly posting links and crossing their fingers for sales.

They know it’s not good enough, but they don’t know what to do about it.

And that means they’re eager to hear what you have to say … and the door to a brand-new client is wide open for you.

When you (legitimately) position yourself as the expert — as a professionally-trained social media strategist — it’ll be easier than ever to land a handsomely-paid project.

How handsome are we talking?

Even beginners can start at $300 … per hour.

I’m not kidding.

Look at what copywriters today are charging for work on Facebook alone:

Facebook Page Setup — a flat fee between $500 and $1,500, for “work” that takes less than two hours …
Facebook Account Management and Curation — $1,000 to $2,000 per month
Facebook Promotion/Contest — $1,500 to $3,000 per month
And once the page is set up, everything after that is usually a monthly fee. (That’s income you can count on!)

Do you know what you can charge if you simply manage two Twitter accounts … and set up and manage three Facebook accounts per month?

That “work” would net you an additional $114,000 per year.

It’s not an exaggeration.

It’s based on the latest pricing estimates for social media by Social Media Expert Mark Collier.

Now …

What About B2B?

Even if your chosen niche is a Business-to-Business industry, you can STILL make huge waves (and big money) with a social media service. B2B clients are no strangers to how important social media is to their business. They typically focus on sites like LinkedIn, Google+, and strategies like blogging — but again, it’s the macro-level understanding that counts!
At this point, you might be thinking …

There are thousands of social media sites and apps today. How can I be an expert on ALL of them?

That’s the best part — you don’t have to be!

In fact, to get started, there’s only two things you need to understand:

How social media works at the macro-level …
And the core, “inner workings” that make each and every site or app virtually identical.
Once you’ve mastered those, you’ll be able to approach any social media site or app and understand, within a few minutes, how to use it to get your clients hot new leads … and increase their bottom line.

It’s not just about the bottom line. You’ll make a significant difference in your clients’ lives …

According to that Social Media Report, 66% of marketers believe their marketing efforts on Facebook are ineffective … and I’d imagine that statistic likely extends to other platforms as well.

That’s pretty shocking when you consider that a whopping 92% of marketers know, for a fact, that a sound social media strategy is important for their business … yet 89% of them have only been using it for less than 5 years.

(If they’ve just gotten on the social media wagon, chances are good they haven’t recognized the doing social shift either!)

So, it’s not just the bottom line that’s affected …

That’s a massive amount of stress they’re dealing with every day.

The majority of marketers spend between 5 and 15 hours per week on social media marketing … yet most of them admit they don’t know how to find and engage their audience, measure their results, or even manage their platforms effectively.

Do you think they’d be more than happy to win that 15 hours of time back for other projects … or even a proper lunch break?

Do you think they’d like to have those nagging questions answered at last?

Do you think they’d like to finally go into a meeting with their boss and say, “It’s working! Look how we increased our sales this week!”

You bet they would!

But here’s the kicker:

A significant portion, 58%, stated that original written content is the single most important thing they’re looking for …

And nearly 70% of marketers said they were planning to increase their use of content-based media, including blogging, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

So …

If the demand over the past decade for trained social media writers has been enormous …

The growing influence and fundamental shift toward active doing makes the coming demand a TITANIC opportunity!

Not Just “Another Writing Opportunity” — A MAJOR Writing Opportunity!

Hi — Rebecca Matter here. As President of AWAI, one of my passions in life is to keep you up-to-date on the most lucrative and in-demand writing opportunities out there … and ensure you have the professional-grade skills you need to take advantage of them.

And I see social media as not just “another opportunity,” but a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY.

Why so major?

Because there are actually three ways your career can benefit from learning effective social media marketing techniques.

“The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in five years.”
– Socialnomics Author
Erik Qualman
I’ll start with the most obvious first …

Add a profitable, in-demand service to your copywriting arsenal — Most business owners and marketers in higher positions find it easier to deal with one freelance web writer versus two or three. So, being able to handle both their web copy needs and their social media requirements is a huge plus for you. You’ll have more potential paying assignments available to you and you’ll generate more income per client. Plus, you’ll keep the competition out of your accounts.

It’s worth pointing out that helping a client with their social media requirements doesn’t necessarily mean that you personally take over all of their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc., accounts. While that’s certainly an option, you may just want to act as a consultant and provide them with monitoring, strategy development, and guidance. Then, let them handle the day-to-day activities. It’s totally up to you.

The next way to boost your business is less obvious, and is being overlooked by most freelancers right now …

It’s a great way to get your foot in the door — While a potential client may not need a new web page written or rewritten at this very moment, or they already have an online copywriter they work with, they may very well need help with their social media — especially if it’s not currently doing anything for their bottom line.
If you ask them, “How are your social media efforts working for you? What would it mean to your business if the people you’re connecting with took more action?” or a similar type question, there’s a good chance you will grab their attention. Social media is a great conversation starter when looking for new clients, because for the most part, companies don’t yet understand how to make it work. And if you have any information on how to do it, they’ll want to listen.

The third is probably the easiest to implement right away …

Promoting your own freelance business — While your freelance website is a necessary component in promoting your business, it’s also passive. Social media, on the other hand, is proactive. It reaches out and grabs attention. So instead of you constantly having to contact new businesses looking for prospects, it’s possible to have potential clients actually contact you. And because they approached you, you will not only have a better chance of landing them as a customer; you’ll be more likely to be able to charge more for your services. Here are three statistics from Social Media Today: 1) 91% of social marketers saw improved website traffic due to social media campaigns; 2) 79% of marketers saw more quality leads from social media; and 3) Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

And all from learning one skill: How to market using social media. So, with so few marketers possessing social media marketing skills, it’s little wonder that most businesses have no concept how a 140-character tweet or a post on Facebook can impact their business. They have no idea …

How to keep the social media conversation fresh and interesting.
How to engage their audience.
How to attract more fans and followers who are the right prospects for their business.
How to monitor their social media efforts. How to convert their social media efforts into more sales.What their social media goals should be.
And on and on …
They haven’t studied or analyzed it to any great extent.


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