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Discover the Exact “Persona Hacking” Strategy
I Use to Create a Rock-Solid, Passive Business
Earning $1,029,851.22…

This method withstands the test of time, works in any niche, makes search engines your friend and doesn’t leave you at the mercy of paid traffic platforms.

– Learn from Someone Who Started from Scratch and Now Makes 7 Figures Annually

(implementing this exact system, not some fly by night goo-roo stuff)

– Apply Psychic Tour Guide Strategies to Any Niche and Any Platform

– Discover the Key to getting FREE traffic most marketers don’t know about

– Create a long term, sustainable and profitable business around any topic or niche you want!

Hey there…

Are you frustrated with your affiliate marketing business? Are you tired of plug-in, push-button solutions that make big “Thousands This Week” promises, only to let you down?


Is it Time to Finally Admit Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy Needs a Lifeline?

Is Your Online Strategy Entirely Flawed?

… You’ve posted content about all the products you’re trying to recommend.
People are visiting your content and seeing your reviews….
You’re following the “blueprint” the Gurus are pushing…
You’ve followed all the steps every “ordinary marketer” follows.

“So what’s wrong? Is this d**n thing broken? Why can’t I make any sales?” or “Why have I peaked?” you might be thinking.
First off, it’s not your fault. You’re just learning from the WRONG people.

You know the affiliates who are making SOME money online… but at the end of the day can you look to them as a teacher, as a mentor, to REALLY know the ins and outs of building Million Dollar Affiliate marketing businesses?

They teach it. But, they don’t DO it.

Here’s the reality:

Most affiliate marketers simply don’t know the first thing about how people’s minds and buying triggers work when they shop online.

Luckily, I’ve figured the answer. I’ve discovered how to make highly profitable authority sites in even the most difficult and competitive niches. Niches such as skin care, e-cigs, supplements, finance, and more.
To the tune of $1,029,851.22 in 2014.

People come to my sites when they need advice on what products to buy. Why? because I’m a credible authority in their niche. These buyers communicate with me in ways that will blow your mind.

When you Enroll in AffiliateU today, you’ll gain hands on experience with the exact time-tested methods I used (and still use) to amass
7 figures annually.

… Without having to figure it out the hard way and work 16 hour days like I did when I was first starting out.

The beauty is, you can avoid having to spend 16 hours per day moving from one Starbucks to the next, because I’ve fine tuned my processes and simplified the tactics over time.

AffiliateU Fundamental #1: Connection! Call it what you want… heart, passion, life’s blood, soul!

AffiliateU Fundamental #2: Two Words: Stop Selling.

AffiliateU Fundamental #3: Create Authentic “Story-Telling”

AffiliateU Fundamental #4: It’s Not All About “Traffic”

AffiliateU Fundamental #5: YOU NEED A “PERSONA”

Here’s What You’re Going to Discover in AffiliateU.

– How to find the most profitable affiliate programs.

– You’ll discover THE same Persona hacking system that allows me to do 7 figures annually in multiple niches — in multiple affiliate programs by tapping into the human mind and buying triggers.

– 8 Keys to Becoming the Most Respected Resource in Your Niche. What comes with respect? MONEY!

– Why you need this secret, FREE Traffic Nobody is fighting for (they SHOULD want this traffic, and how YOU can get it!)

– Discover the 5 simple steps to negotiating higher commission percentages, so you can line your pockets with even more cash… faster.

– Long-term, winning strategy, taught to you by the most sought after, seasoned veteran who makes 7 figures.

– Strategies for scaling your business to be as big as you want.

– Supportive, interactive forum so you can share your successes with other members.

– How to set up WordPress sites quickly and easily, even if you’re a technophobe like me!

– You’ll discover fast shortcuts to make the tech smooth and painless!

– And Tons more…


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