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This is an amazing little piece of information that teaches you to do DEEP customer analysis, build trust by delivering VALUE, and making offers that are well thought out and RELEVANT. Thereby keeping the customer FOREVER. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Its our passion to help people like yourself. It gets us out of bed in the morning.Its what drives us forward (that, and the money of course). You see in the next 12 months (starting right now) something almost magical is going to happen. Were going to teach you a skill that is as good as PRINTING MONEY Counterfeiting dollar bills is illegal all over the world, and from what weve read in fiction books, a purty damn dangerous business to be in too. But what youll learn here is far less dangerous fully legal and potentially just as lucrative. Steve and I have a skill (which has taken us jointly 14 odd years to master) that we can never lose. It can never be taken from us. Its with us forever – and over time, it only gets stronger and more powerful. This skill allows us to use the internet to generate money on demand the best part – unlike a real 9 to 5 job, we dont have to be there working to earn that money. We setup automated systems that work for us day and night – while we play golf or walk on the beach, and while were sleeping at night. We know that may sound a little hype-y but theres honestly just no other way to say it. The internet doesnt sleep. Its worse than Las Vegas – a lot worse. Its on all the time. We leverage that by setting up automated systems (which well teach you how to create over the next 12months). Just know this once youve learned the skill of marketing – its with you forever (and it gets better over time).

Heres a couple of reviews:
Tiny Little Businesses Review by Andre Chaperon & Steve Gray
From the MacBook Pro of: Ryan Daniels
Location: Scottsdale, AZ (poolside)
about: Tiny Little Businesses (by Andre Chaperon and Steve

2 such marketers are Andre Chaperon and Steve Gray.
Their marketing is incredible and I dont say that lightly.

They really are brilliant at what they do.
AnywayIm sure you are aware they reopened Tiny Little Businesses
this week and as part of that I wanted to share a website with? you.

Theres nothing for sale on it.
its just really great content.
I found myself nodding all the way through.

I think you will too.
Heres the link:
Frank vs Matt The Entrepreneurs Journey
If you like what you read (which Im sure you will) youll
also want to check out their Internet Manifesto.

This thing is all meat and no potatoes as they say.
Nothing but great content and again nothing to buy.
Read the internet manifesto here

OkBack to my Tiny Little Businesses Review
Hopefully you read both the story of Frank vs Matt and the
Internet Manifesto. There really is a ton of great information
in both of those reports.

Not only that but by reading them you really get a sense for
Andre and Steves teaching style and marketing tactics.
Enter the World of Creating Tiny Little Businesses for Fun and Profit

What is a tiny little business anyways?
Well heres a screenshot from the header of Andre and Steves site.
Tiny Little Businesses Review – What is a Tiny Little Business

You can see this screenshot really sums it up in 4 simple steps.
1. Find a tribe (this a group or following)
2. Get insight (super important for providing value and connecting with your tribe)
3. Create value (absolutely critical)
4. Measure + Learn (tracking enables you to strategically increase profits and roi)

Thats it
Pretty simple, right?
Im sure you may have questions like:
– How do I find a tribe?
– How do I communicate with them?
– Where do I go to get insight on these people?
– Can I connect with them if Im not one of them?
– How do you create value?
– etc

These are all great questions and these are all things Andre and
Steve teach you in Tiny Little Businesses.

You see this isnt some tiny little course.
This program is a full 7 month training program.
Yea you heard me right 7 months of in the field tested
material. This is what Andre and Steve do day in and
day out.

In fact I just heard from them that they were sending over 90
million impressions a month (holy crap)

Thats a lot of traffic.
Not only does Tiny Little Businesses show you everything you
need to succeed online it also shows you something else.

Something more important.
It shows you how to build a long-term business by using
strategy not tactics as your foundation for your business.

This is critical.
If you miss this you are really missing the boat.

Your success online boils down to strategy and right now
this is one of if not the best strategy for developing
passive or near passive income online.

You see in my other 2 businesses (the ones I told you about)
I lacked strategy. I was using tactics.

Tactics I thought would last but didnt.
Dont make the same mistake I did.
Start to build your business on a strategy.
Unlike most people that may review this product..

Im a member of Tiny Little Businesses myself. As in
I paid my own money to join. Thats even after their
affiliate manager Luke gave me a JV copy.

Point is
Building Tiny Little Businesses is the perfect business model
for online marketers.


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