Course Name: VIP Experience Week 1-12 with Julie Renee
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Are YOU Ready to work powerfully in a one to one setting with Master health activator and number one Brain Rejuvenation Expert Julie Renee, and have your brain and body fine-tuned, your emotions and wealth cleared and refined, and become magnetic to love?

The VIP Experience is the path to your regeneration.
In the very first session your brain will be regenerated to 100%!

Your full VIP Experience includes:

A 2-hour exclusive session with Julie Renee featuring a powerful clearing with full brain regeneration.

You might wonder how this will all come about, and be excited at the prospect of having a fully rebooted brain. We will chat on the phone at the start of your session. And this is when you tell me why you are doing this program, for example: ‘I want more energy, I want a better memory or I really want to work on success’, stuff like that. And we get to the clearings to prepare for that intention. We clear the areas of amplification, perception, emotions and DNA, including spiritual interferences and anchors that would interfere with the full brain regeneration to follow.

This first step takes about an hour. We hang up the phone typically about 10 minutes into your session and I work deeply on you as you pump along with me and stay relaxed. 60 minutes into the session you dial me back and I give you a progress report on how far we are in your activation and if we have begun the brain regeneration. I answer your questions, and when your questions are answered we hang up and work deeply on your 5 brains. I give you the amount of time to dial back (it is typically 40 minutes into the second hour), at which time we stay on the call and complete the session together.

Please read about brain regeneration by clicking here.

Once we have completed the first two hours, we set a plan for your specific VIP experience. You’ll be encouraged to map out 3-9 additional areas to work on during your time in session. These can be things like: vision, attracting the right kind of love, success and fame, improving your thyroid function and so forth.

3 ~ 1-hour sessions to incorporate your list of improvements…


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